Opne Hands Education is a non-profit small organisation working in small rural village in Dadawan, State Bihar, India, since 2017 about 30 kilometers far from Bodhgaya.

Bodhgaya is located in the Northern India state of Bihar, the villages around Bodhgaya have been living in poverty for multiple generations. Bihar is considered one of the poorest and most impoverished areas in India, this is where we work. Bodhgaya is one of the holiest Buddhist pilgrimage sites. Prince Siddhartha attained perfect enlightenment under a bodhi tree in Bodygaya some 2,500 years ago. Historically, it was known as the Bodhimanda or ground around the bodhi tree.

In 2017 we set up a Sewing Training Centre (Open Hands Education). This project aims to improve the economic status of women, girls, and their families by providing educational training and skills development. With the new skills that they obtain, women and girls are able to get jobs and even better, establish their own business. The intention of training women and girls in this way is to empower them to improve their socio-economic status. With the help of sewing machines, women can become entrepreneurs, while earning an income and leading more safe and secure lives. With the money they earn, they will be able to fullfil their daily needs and sustain their families.

Later In 2018 my wife and I started “free education program for poor children in village. I Jhulan Kumar noticed that the children of my wife's village and the villages around her village do not go to school, their families send them to work. I wanted to know from the child's family the reason for not sending the child to school. The family members of the child have told that they are not able to send the child to school due to poor financial condition.

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After that my wife and I decided to provide free education to these children and help the poor children for education.
We knew that education can make the society develop and the country as well. So I along with my wife started a campaign in the village “youth education awareness campaign”. And we made awarness among the village and told the importance of education to the child's family. Till now we have transformed lives of more then 200 women and girls by providing free sewing skill and there are 80 kids at our school receving free education.
We get pleasure only by helping others. Whenever we go to wife's village, We were always sad to see these children, We always wondered how to help all these children, women and girls. Later we felt that education and sewing skill are such a gift that if we give it to all these children and women then their future will be bright. Now we feel happy that we are now doing something for all these children and women. We will be thankful that you will also give your help for these children and women

Our Vision

Developing Family, Developing Lives, One girl at a time.Our organization, ‘Open Hands Education’ has simple beginnings from a rising passion and vision to support women’s issues in regional areas of India. It has been our goal to establish a series of small-scale opportunities where lifelong skills and knowledge for women can be developed thus creating confidence and personal reassurance in the capacity to thrive through life. The realization of how deeply women suffer due to imbalanced gender issues, social attitudes throughout communities around education opportunities and advancement has created a huge awareness in myself to speak out and act. It is now the driving force behind ‘Open Hands Education’ offering companies, business, individuals and sponsor partners, a pathway to help women in need who struggle daily to support their young families. We believe if you offer education to a woman she in turn supports a family resulting in a whole village being lifted up.


Our commitment to you who believe in our vision and join in supporting some free practical skills education initiatives will be that, as individuals and as an organisation we will act and tread with integrity and honesty. We will also offer a transparent accountability of where funds go and how each stage of a programme is developing. We welcome you as you join with us creating Sewing Training Centres, Female Hygeine Products, Micro Loans for sewing machine ownership, Basic Beauty Therapy Training , Local Doctor Support and other simple and easy to execute programme when the need is substantiated.


My childhood was one of hardship, loss and poverty. But a miracle happened in my life and I became very fortunate to have met an array of amazing, generous people who lifted me up, encouraged me and provided different levels of education that now has become the backbone of my relative success. I want to pass on those same opportunities and lift others up behind me.



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Jhulan Kumar


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Anju Devi

Designation: Sewing Center

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Bulbul Kumari

Designation: Teacher

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Vijay Singh

Designation: Management