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WOW Australia (2016)

WOW Australia (2016) Celia Fuller has been part of the initial start up and vision behind the creation of this programme. Gifted machines from herself and husband Grant through wedding presents has given us the chance to begin sewing training. This Australian couple is like a precious relative to the founder and his extended family. They are fondly known as mamma Celia and Uncle. Celia Fuller has indicated her ongoing support will come directly through funds raised at specifically formulated women's empowerment and business events along with retreats run by her other businesses. Each event will have advertised percentage of takings being placed within their list of WOW Projects and they will personally determine which of our projects they would like to donate to.Tutor fees are their focus right now to ensure training continues.

Mindiansoft Technology

MindIndiaSoft Technology Company (2016) This company is the founder, Jhulan Kumar's personal software company with his colleagues. Over time as the newly formed company develops, it is intended to create a pathway of donations to support the complete success of Open Hands Education.