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It has been our vision right from the start to create a 'Free to Learn' sewing programme for girls and women to ensure they have skills that can carry them through life. In India, women are often left unprotected financially when disaster strikes a family, or a husband becomes disabled and especially in the worst scenario of a woman or younger lady becoming a widow. Often a widower is left with no way to create income after a husband dies. This is even a more dire situation in rural areas, as growing girls may never have had access to education. Boys generally are the favoured family members to invest financially in to upgrade skills preparing them for family life and to be the breadwinner.
With our introduction of basic sewing skills girls can move from their village after marriage and take their knowledge with them, sometimes even creating a micro business or simple training centre of their own. In this way the knowledge and skills are spread so maximum support can be reached to many more girls in this manner thus creating a powerful ripple effect of change. Already we have seen the power in action of this transfer of knowledge and opportunity.