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Micro Loan
Due to the infancy of Open Hands Education programme development we have not yet devised how we will co-ordinate the idea of offering micro loans to the women we have been supporting. It is certainly our vision to provide pathways of sewing machine ownership to the young girls and women who have attended our training. In this way they might take their skills to the new villages they marry into and create incomes streams for themselves whilst uplifting others. Ongoing sponsorship will be a major key in creating the confidence to be able openly offer incentives for 'Most Committed Student' or offering a financial incentive for families to back their student and share in a sewing machine purchase. These two examples are ideas we thought could be easily implemented however we must be able to follow through in months and years to come. It is very important in Indian culture that fairness in any opportunity that hints of financial gain be created with a high sense of sensitivity to the cohesive functioning of the whole village. We will endeavour to keep researching and creating conversations that ensure our projects are not causing undue stress or pressure being placed on our students.