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Open Hands Education empowers children, Girls, Women
from India’s lowest socioeconomic class to break the cycle of generational poverty through education, leadership, and compassion.

For the thousands of stifled women in low-income communities across the country, Open Hands Education is the key to unlocking their power! Open Hands Education touches their lives, by transforming the many groups that work with grassroots women – helping create powerful, enterprising women that produce and sell hand-made products. Together, they provide livelihood opportunities to these low-income women – empowering them to become role models and changemakers in their families and communities.

Causes we care about

You have the power to bring happiness.

What Our Beneficiaries Says

It has been 6 years now, Open Hands Education is working on a challenging journey, and has been able to impact 200+ women

Sponsor a child

When you sponsor a child for $40 a month, you’ll help empower that child and their community to overcome poverty for good.

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Success Stories

We are now in the process of sending one of the senior female students to a city sewing school to learn advanced sewing skills

What Our Donor Say