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This is a brand new programme starting with an idea and a new vision. Since the beginning of our sewing training at Open Hands Education it has come to our awareness that some girls are not interested in sewing but could become very excited to learn a new type of skill. This would be looking after the women's beauty styling, henna designs and hair styled for festivals, parties and the, all important Indian Weddings.
We are currently in the process of finding a training centre in Delhi where my wife, Pratigya can become fully trained in the city and bring those skills back to my home village of Sujata and to her family home village of Dedma and pass on her knowledge. It is our vision that through a sponsor her wages might be covered as she teaches in both villages. So in this way the training remains free to these two small rural communities.
This will then become a second implemented programme for girls to access new skills for their lives ahead. In 2018-2019 we envision this Programme will begin to be implemented.