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Donors Testimonial
I know Jhulan since 2017-2018. I went few times at Children school. First time I saw Children and projet open hands education I was touched in my heart. I grew up with a sewing mother, she shows me how to sew. When I saw sewing school automatiquely I knew I will hepl school, children and women.Since that time I keep in touch with children, help them and found donation to help. Children and school are in my heart. Jhulan's family is my second family.

Marie Julia (Canada)

It touches me to know that people care so much for children and their mothers. SO happy to know that they have a place to go where their needs are met and where they truly matter. Being offered such an opportunity is so heart warming and makes a HUGE difference in one's life. Thanks to Jhulan Kumar to have founded this educations center and to your dedicated staff.

Johane St-Onge (Canada)

It’s really amazing to know that the kids who are not so privileged have so much talent to offer. It’s nice working with them and at Open Hands Education I can see how they are loved and provided opportunities to grow. I just hope that with each passing day each and every kid is filled with more and more light.

Priscilla (America)

This is an awesome mission I must say giving a life and education to children is the most beautiful gift to humanity. I had an amazing time here at Open Hands Education. I hope to come back. All the best to all future endeavours.

Marie-Eve Poulin (Canada)

I feel at Open Hands Education we empower the children and women in a true sense. It feels great to put the stones for 'the next step' for these lovely kids. I am sharing this because all the members of Open Hands Education who put in hours with these children contribute in a big way to make the children more confident in facing the world.

Cecilia (England)