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Village Doctors in rural regions, are often struggling for money to help purchase medical supplies. In their daily administering to the sick, they outreach to many outlying rural areas suffering huge levels of poverty. It is here the truth of poverty impact really becomes understood. From malnourished children, unattended wounds, dehydration in the heat, hyperthermia in winter along with high levels of thyroid and kidney dysfunction all add to the mammoth task of keeping a Village well.
Their clinic facilities, if they are even lucky to have one, are far more basic than most first world countries can ever imagine. The facilities are more like a field hospital in the middle of a war zone, where makeshift devices are created to function in the same role as a modern appliance. Hygiene is difficult to maintain as patient awareness is strictly limited and equipment is often of low grade.
Often a doctor’s family life is pushed to levels of financial struggle in line with their patients. Most patients can't pay, yet need the help. They can feel overworked and powerless in the daily survival struggle to support their community effectively. They don't get governmental support.

By supporting a Doctor with a range of simple, easy to achieve programmes, we can really make a huge difference as to how effective they feel about their role of caretaker to the people and the huge responsibility they carry on their shoulders. Encouragement helps with action steps forward.
Through personal liaison with a local Doctor we can establish the needs of the village and create medical equipment purchase lists where funds can be guided to help supply these. We are currently working on developing this idea further by creating a system where funds can't be abused and used inappropriately. At all times we endeavour here at Open Hands Education to ensure to our donors and sponsors that all the money gifted goes exactly where we say it goes.
Right now we have started with one simple programme that is easy to monitor and immediately helps our doctor of Sujata Village help people in the village suffering.