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Covid-19 Emergency Support
Livelihoods of daily wage earners, labourers, slum dwellers have disrupted massively. Maids, Plumbers, House Help, Rickshaw pullers, street-side vendors, labours and many more are hard-hit. Almost all have lost their jobs. Most of them are migrants and are caught completely unprepared and without a source of income and stuck in the city with limited movement.

Open Hands Education has been at the forefront in providing urgent relief materials and aid to the needy during natural calamities, crisis situations, extreme weather conditions etc. As India fights to stay afloat amidst the COVID 19 lockdown, many families and people are struggling on a daily basis for their living.

Open Hands Education is again standing strong during this global healthcare crisis posed due to Coronavirus and helping numerous families Region with daily amenities, ration, health aid requirements to fight against Coronavirus.

Come forward and donate, your donation in this crisis makes a large difference for daily wagers and people who are worried how to feed their family with the next meal……Together we can …

We are providing basic ration bags containing Wheat flour, Rice, Sugar, Dal, cooking Oil, Salt and Sanitizer and Soaps per bag for each such family. One packet keeps family off the streets for a month.
Poor Families are fighting it hard to put food on their plates during the pandemic. All it takes is Rs 1000 to provide 2 weeks worth of ration items for one family, Fill their lives with hope

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